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packin' smart snack containers - snack-time made fun for all

By houseofanais · October 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Our family has become lately such a great tester family, and especially the kids love testing as they get some cool new things to try on. Last time the lucky one was little Hugo, who got the Din Din steel bus platter from Innobaby (link to car-fanatic boy and bus platter). He's definitely become a better eater - and he's been a real gentleman by letting his sisters take turns and use that cool platter too.

We had some more green products to test from Innobaby and this time I thought the lucky girl would be Celeste, but it turns out that kids have become such good sports that they all just happily shared their snacks and things with each other. And that makes mom happy too. What we got to try was the Packin' Smart Zoo Animals stackable containers in Strawberry Sorbet colour. Our container had three tiers, but there are also 5-tier containers available.

The verdict was very positive - both from the kids and mom, especially the mom I should say. I have been using resealable plastic bags (not very green I know) and sometimes little plastic containers with lids, but somehow most of the raisins, goldfish or cheerios end up crumbled in the lunch bag, or even in the backpack among the schoolbooks. As we have had some ant issues (building site next door!) I am desperately trying to prevent crumbs outside the kitchen, as these ants just smell them instantly! What is so great about these containers is that when stacked and the lid is on, they don't open up magically by themselves. And if you happen to knock over the little container just one or few items will spill out and onto the floor (and not the whole bag) - depending on the size of the snack you have packed into these containers.

Miss C. loves carrying her stack of containers around like a handbag and she also learned quickly to stack and open the containers by herself. I love the reduced mess and the fact that I have less crumbled goldfish and Cheeries that I need to throw away. This stack is easy to take on a trip and then share among everyone. And for school I am planning to start packing each kid their own container once I have ordered some extra lids (the stack comes with one lid) as this is a perfect snack size for them at the moment.

This certainly is yet another step for our family to become greener while reducing disposable waste (plastic bags). And just like other Innobaby products, these containers are safe as they are free from BPA, Phthalates, PVC and Lead - and can go to the dishwasher, freezer and microwave.

So our verdict of Packin' Smart containers is that they are very functional, cute, safe - and fun products, and therefore recommended for families with kids (or no kids if you are looking for cute and fun snack container for yourself)!

Innobaby - Stacking smart towers

Our cute 3-tier pink Zoo Animals container set

Innobaby - Packin' Smart Butterfly

Once containers are stacked, they don't open up by themselves. Smaller round opening on top ensures that everything won't spill out if you knock over the containers (but little fingers still fit in fine and kids think that it's a lot of fun trying to fish out the snacks!)

Innobaby - Packin' Smart Butterfly

Spill test in progress - resulting in 1 loose goldfish as well as 1 loose dried cranberry and a sunflower seed. As Cheerios are smaller one can expect to loose 2-4 Cheerios if they are knocked over. Still not bad if compared to full plastic bag or other open container spilling everything on the floor on in the car...

single serving

Single pack - 3 tier is perfect for us for getting each kids their own container with its' lid for school. You need to buy separately additional lids though

Cleaning the containers

What's also important is that the kids containers are easy to clean - and here the inner lid (the top of the container) can be pulled off, which makes the cleaning job easy and ensure that nothing is left in the corners of the containers

Snack time

Two of them happily sharing the snacks - and just one cheerio has escaped by far despite containers being switched back and forth all the time

Three layers to share with siblings

Three of them happily sharing and still just 3 cheerios have escaped on the table...

Packin Smart transportation

packin smart

Packin' Smart containers come in different, sizes, colours and themes and now it's also possible to buy additional lids and create separate single containers

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Those are awesome! I will have to get some for my niece, she would love them!

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